Top 5 Must Do When Starting An SEO Agency

Here is where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has a very important role in helping you to position your site among the top results.

SEO provides you the necessary guidelines to design the content of your site in a way it can be more relevant and understandable for search engines, the main goal of using SEO techniques is to get more traffic to your site in a natural way through the use of relevant “keywords” which are closely related to your business. SEO involves every aspect of the structure of a site, from the HTML code to the correct organization of the content.

Here are the very important SEO guidelines that you should follow:

Choosing the right keywords

It is important for you to identify which keywords are the most relevant for your business, for this matter, there are tools which provide you useful information about each keyword you choose. Once you find the appropriate keywords, you can use them to create keyword phrases, but it is very important for you to check grammar and spelling, a small mistake can decrease considerably your chances of positioning your site. Don’t waste your time creating a keyword phrase with terms that don’t send any traffic to your site, whatever is SEO tool you use to create your keyword phrase, make sure about how good is each term to rank for.

The internal structure of the site

The name of each file and Meta tags have also an important role in regard to SEO techniques. Use the keyword phrases you have chosen as the names of your HTML files, separating terms with dashes. Also, use your most relevant keywords in the title of each page of your site, and try to use different titles and Meta tags for each page. You can use headers (h1, h2, h3…) to increase the importance of your content and to place relevant keywords. If your site uses images, make sure to get images with a size of fewer than one hundred kilobytes.

Designing the content of your site

First of all, you have to pay attention to the title. The title of the site is the most important element, because it identifies the main idea of the site, for the search engine and for the person who performs the search and sees the list of results. For that reason, it must be clearly formulated using the keywords related to the main purpose of the site. Don’t make the mistake of using a title like Home, Untitled or the name of the company; this is a very common fault on other sites.

Link building

This technique increases the PageRank of your site, which is an important indicator used by Google.  A reputable company such as an experienced SEO in Vancouver can help do this in such a way that the links make sense for search engines.

Social network

It is important for you to create a virtual community on your web, like a blog, so users can have a dynamic interaction between them and additionally you will be able to receive up to date feedback on the quality of your site from the point of view of visitors.